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Importance of intercessory prayers
Herewith we are giving the importance of intercessory prayers for the missionaries. No great missionary work has been accomplished without prayer. A mission-minded church must be a praying church. Prayer and Mission are bound together in the teaching and ministry of our Lord. Missionaries invaded into the territory of Satan; they deliver the people from the clutches of him. So, pray that the missionaries will recognize the attacks of the adversary and use Scriptural weapons in the battle. Satan does not easily give up; he counter-attacks in all possible ways. Thus, they are in the midst of a spiritual battle, they need our prayers.

Missionary faces cultural shocks and frustrations
Unknown new language, new customs, different culture, unfamiliar food and strange climatic condition gives the missionaries a great shock and frustration. Our prayer will uphold them to overcome these hurdles.

To overcome loneliness
It is easy to succumb to loneliness in a far land when missionaries are surrounded by people of another culture and language. This is true of those who are single and those who are married. Loneliness is one of the means the devil uses to discourage and depress them and to cause them to engage in disastrous self-pity. Pray that the missionary will experience fellowship with God in new and satisfying ways.

Better interpersonal relationship
Unity is one of the key elements in missions. When we are united, no power can divide us. The Spirit of God must help the missionaries to get along well with others: husband/wife, worker/co-worker, worker/director, worker/national Christian, and worker/national unbeliever. If relationships become strained it will bring disasters in the mission fields. Pray for love filled healthy relationship between one another.

The missionaries need to be filled with the Holy Spirit
Unless, the missionaries have daily communion with our Lord, the pressure will result in failure. Pray that the missionaries will be able to obey the injunction of Ephesians 5:18; Galatians 5:16, 25 ("Be filled with the Spirit ..." and therefore, walk in the Spirit) and that he will always keep short account with God (1 John 1:9), be aware of Satan's deceptions and hate every form and kind of sin.

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