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Holistic Ministry
FMPB is committed to seeing the transforming power of the gospel being realized in the holistic emancipation of individuals and communities in the physical, social, economic and educational spheres. . It has successfully initiated socio economic uplift programmers in co-operation with its sister organisations and other partner agencies, in various locations. Medical Mission, Veterinary Care Services, Child Care Services through CDCs. (Child Development Centers), (Balvadis) schools, Agriculture, Seed Bank, Small Scale Loans, Adult Literacy, Vocational Training are some of the development programmes undertaken by FMPB.

Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB)
History is replete with instances of God raising individuals, as well as groups to carry out His specific task in a given time. India is no exception. God has been raising few hundred indigenous missions to disseminate the good news of Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ across the length and breadth of our nation. Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB) is one among these missions in India.

In the late 1950's, the Spirit of God moved in a very special way in the southern part of Tamil Nadu, among the young and the old, and especially among the children. Mr. P. Samuel was the anointed instrument through which God pioneered the movement of VBS (Vacation Bible School), in India. A few other friends who cared for these children gave a helping hand to him. Spiritual revival resulted wherever the team ministered. Following the VBS ministry, prayer groups in the name of 'Friends Fellowship' came to be formed among the teens who attended the VBS and among the volunteers who helped in the ministry. This later on emerged as 'Friends Missionary Prayer Band' (FMPB). There was openness and togetherness among these friends. They met periodically for fellowship, prayer, and study of the Word of God and to witness. An undated magazine was brought out. It carried prayer concerns of various missions from all over the world. This was the formative years of a people movement.

During a summer vacation, the Friends of the FMPB did outreach ministry in Tamil Nadu. One such team went to Bettamugulalam in Panchamalai (Periyamalai), a hill close to Hosur, about 100 Kms from Bangalore. It was here that they felt the need to place a missionary urgently. This need was shared with friends who had gathered at a place called Kovilpatti for a get together. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, Mr. Harris Hilton and his wife responded to this call and went to Periyamalai as pioneer missionaries. Thus the first mission station was opened in the year 1967 at Periyamalai.

FMPB emphasizes prayer and praying groups as the prime driving force for the movement. Prayer groups are formed among Christians in villages, towns and Cities. The young and old are encouraged to meet periodically to pray for the revival of the Churches and for the extension of God's Kingdom in India. Once in a year teams of 'Prayer Warriors' go to different states in India to fast and pray for the salvation of the Land. 'Chain of Prayer' initiatives are organized among the praying friends all over India to uphold the ministry round the clock.

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