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The Lord prospered the work in and around Periyamalai. Through Radio broadcast, missionary challenge meetings and songs, the missionary vision gripped the hearts of people. By December 1970, the friends came together for prayer and were burdened to reach the unreached frontiers of North India. The second milestone was reached in 1971 when missionaries set their feet in North India and the first mission field in North India was opened at Basti in Uttar Pradesh. Though FMPB had its origin in Tamil Nadu, it has emerged as a multi ethnic, multi lingual and multicultural organization having its wings spread across the length and breadth of India.

Its ministry in the unreached frontiers begins with a survey which leads to opening of mission stations in receptive areas to preach the Good News, teach the believers, plant Churches, appoint elders, raise Evangelists, train the native leaders and strengthen the Church to become self-supportive, self-governing and self-propagating. These are then integrated with the nearest mainline church bodies so as to continue the cycle of activities described above in unreached areas.

FMPB has different kinds of training programs to cater to the needs of different people with a desire to grow spiritually. Church elders, women and young people are trained to grow in the Lord and to do evangelism. Local Evangelists' Training programs are conducted with systematic methods and curriculum.

Partnership with Church and Other Organizations
"The Friends Missionary Prayer Band, as an arm of the Church, is committed to work for the revival of the Churches, sharing the missionary vision with them in our times".

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