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The liberated give liberally to the Lord. People lend their hands and uphold this ministry through meaningful prayers and sacrificial giving. People of God give systematically by setting apart a portion of their income, be it monthly or weekly or even daily.

You can sponsor a missionary by contributing 3000/- per month or a missionary couple by giving monthly 6,000/- per month. The sponsored missionary will send a monthly report to you regularly. Once in three years they will meet you in person. You can write to them and visit them in the mission field itself. For more details contact us.

Churches and Christian institutions are challenged to meet the running expenses of a mission field or to fund the entire cost of planting Churches among one or more people groups.


  • You can gather around as believing families once a week or a month and offer prayers with a concern of the salvation of India.
  • You can take initiatives to involve other local believers and neighboring
  • Christian friends to get involved in this vital ministry of God.
  • You could join the team in binding the evil forces by participating in the Annual Fasting Prayer Warfare every year.
  • You can go to the mission fields, offer to send your children for frontline evangelism and Church planting operations in the unreached areas of India.
  • You can become our friends and contribute regularly and support this indigenous ministry of God.
  • You can sponsor a missionary by contributing an amount of 3,000/- per month.
  • You can host a missionary in your home during their Biennial or Triennial vacations.
  • You can support constructing a Church building among the poor and needy. As of July 2012, the money required to build a RCC roofed church with 600 sq.ft is 3,36,000 a Church of 1000 sq.ft. requires 5,60,000/-, a church of 1250 sq.ft. needs 7,00,000/-, a church of 1800 sq.ft. needs 10,08,000 and a church of 2450 sq.ft. needs 13,72,000. This we give as a subsidy while the concerned congregation believers meet the rest.

People are led by the Lord to contribute towards church construction or any other ancilliary needs, could send the amount in lump sum or monthly easy instalments. There are many other field projects that need your patronage and support. We solicit your prayers and patronage.

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You can send your contributions through Cheque / DD or M.O. in favor of Friends Missionary Prayer Band to the following address.

#29 High School Road, Ambattur, Chennai - 600 053, India.

E-mail :
Tele Phone No: +91 44 2657 0404.
Fax No: +91 44 2657 3353.