Child Care

We nurture 9396 children in 78 Children Homes, spread over 11 states. 2126 new children were added during the financial year 2015–2016. We are planning to enrol more new children in this financial year. These children homes are run with the help of FMPB sponsors and organizations like Compassion East India and Navjeevan Seva Mandal (NSM). These children are given education in the nearby schools and the expenses are met by the Mission.

Sponsor a Child
Thousands of people have been enjoying the transformed life in the Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of FMPB. There are thousands of children who do not have opportunity to go to school. Due to poverty these families cannot afford to send their children to school. FMPB works closely with the parents of these unprivileged children to provide a better future for the children. We are proud that our efforts have borne fruit. We are nurturing and sustaining the growth by giving the children of our believers a good Christian education.
This is where YOU can help. You can sponsor to educate them so that they can be the pillars of the Church of the next generation.

Giving a child education, gives the Church a future!
We are running 78 Children Homes. The children are enjoying the basic comforts of home in a loving Christian atmosphere. Most importantly, they are learning about the Lord Jesus Christ. They will imprint a positive influence on their families, helping them stay and grow in the faith. The children will be witnesses in their community. And they will be trained to be our most effective future leaders who will take the message of the Gospel to the many millions all over India who have never heard of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your Helping Hand!
Over the years, many individuals and organizations from all over India have recognized our effort and have been supporting the children through sponsorship. Child sponsorship is a way of raising long term support for children whilst providing a rich and rewarding experience to donors. It establishes a relationship between a donor and a child in a way that personalizes the challenges of community development while allowing donors to see how their money is making a difference to the life of an individual child, family and their community. Sponsorship helps provide necessities such as access to quality education, primary health care, nutrition, immunization, recreation and creativity inputs.

You can help by contributing in one of the following categories:
As a sponsor you will be in touch with the child through child photograph and profile, annual progress report of the child and communication from the child. So, if you believe you can be a partner in transformation and would like to support children in difficult circumstances, please mail us at

Fill the form and mail to us
MONTHLY CHILD SPONSORSHIP AT Rs.600/- (US $10) PER MONTH OR YEARLY CONTRUBUTION OF Rs. 8,000/- or US $ 133 (Including Christmas gift)

I would prefer to sponsor a child in (specify an Indian state or People Group)
Your one-time contribution of Rs 1,25,000/- or US $ 2300 will go into a contingency fund. The interest from the fund will be used to keep a child in school.

You can start sponsoring a child today. As a new sponsor, you'll receive your child's photo, personal story and a complete child sponsorship detail by mail.
The child will write letters to the sponsor regularly.
Give a child hope for the future — and for all eternity. Sponsor a child today.