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Mr. Harris Hilton Biography

Mr. Harris Hilton Biography - first missionary with the full support of his wife Padma Hilton....

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Friends Missionary Prayer Band is a missionary movement of Christian Indians who want to personally share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with the fellow Indians, particularly with those who have not had the opportunity to hear it even once.

Vision: “The goal of Friends Missionary Prayer Band is building transformed communities by reaching the unreached Indians with the Good News of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ”

Mission: "The Friends Missionary Prayer Band, as an arm of the Church, is committed to work for the renewal of the Church, sharing the missionary vision as the contextual obedience to the call of God in our times, mobilizing prayer support, raising Indian resources and thereby enabling men and women to serve the Church in Mission within the Society. Friends Missionary Prayer Band seeks to serve the Church by calling young people to commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Mission, and, by training them to reach and teach people groups who have not heard of Christ, making them disciples of Christ and thereby develops them as congregations to be integrated with the established churches under the pastoral care of the indigenous leadership.

Friends Missionary Prayer Band will always work in partnership with the fellow Christian Agencies in order to build up communities who will be constantly transformed by the abiding values of God’s sovereign rule for the benefit of every person and the Nation, for the greater glory of God."

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